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We are baking daily at The Kountry Cupboard II. Come stop by The Kountry Kupboard II in Madison NY for all your baked goods!
Baked goods


Cake is a sweet, baked dish that can be served at any meal. In addition to being eaten as a dessert, savory pancakes are also considered cakes. Cakes are often decorated and frosted or filled with fruit or other sweet ingredients such as nuts or dried fruits.


Cupcakes are sweet little cakes that are usually decorated with frosting and often have a variety of fillings, toppings and flavors. Cupcakes are also known as muffins or fairy cakes. These delicious treats can be eaten on their own, or they can be used as an ingredient in other desserts such as cupcake parfaits or cupcake sundaes.


Pastries are sweet treats that can be made using a variety of ingredients. They are usually served for breakfast, lunch or dinner and come in many shapes and sizes. Some examples of pastries include donuts, croissants and muffins.


Pies are delicious, and they’re also a great source of nutrients. The most popular types of pies are apple pie, cherry pie, and pumpkin pie. They can be made from lots of different ingredients and come in many different shapes and sizes.


Tartes are a type of pie, but they’re also so much more. As you know, a tart is a French word for pie—but it’s also the name given to any dish that uses this kind of crust. A good tart can be sweet or savory (or both), made with almost any kind of ingredient, and served as an appetizer or on its own as dessert.

The traditional tarte is often made in individual sizes, although some types of tarts can be baked in larger pans to serve more people at once. They’re also quite versatile: you can use them as small entrees for your next dinner party or even bake them into decorative bites for your next cocktail party!